Hippy Bluegrass Church


Hippy Bluegrass Church


eTown Hall 1535 Spruce St Boulder, CO 80302


10:30am – Noon (Doors @ 9:30am)
October 27th, 2019

Join us at Nick Forster’s Hippy Bluegrass Church at eTown Hall 8/25!


Community Sing Along

After 41 years in the internationally acclaimed Bluegrass band, Hot Rize, and almost 30 years as eTown’s Host, Nick Forster continues to bring people together through music! And this time, he is bringing his brand of “guilt-free gospel” to his home town of Boulder, Colorado with a recurring community sing-along paired with poetry readings, story-telling, and good vibes.

In February of 2019 Nick hosted the first ever “Hippy Bluegrass Church” service at eTown Hall - leading everyone through an energetic and thoughtful gathering backed by an amazing cast of bluegrass musicians. What is clear from the response to the few events we have hosted so far is that there is a real need for us to gather in community.

Even for those who are in the habit of singing, it is time for us all to raise our voices together. Start the day gathering with friends and other music lovers (of all ages) to sing songs like I’ll Fly Away, A Beautiful Life, I Saw the Light, Angel Band and other staples from the genre. Poetry, good energy, and other offerings will be made along with the music.

I first attended on a whim, and what I found is an emerging community of people who sing out loud, change the words when they feel like it, read a little poetry and enjoy great music. A community I look forward to being a part of!
— Penni Hernandez

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Hippy Bluegrass Church at the Boulder Theatre - May 2019

Hippy Bluegrass Church at the Boulder Theatre - May 2019

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Such a fine coming together of all ages of people who simply want to sing. The music is top notch, and experiencing Nick at his unscripted best is really fun to behold.
— Nancy Lang
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